Ohio First Responders Facing Horrific Reality

There are few jobs that carry the respect and the weight that comes with being an Ohio public safety defender. Our firefighters and law enforcement officers work tirelessly to keep us safe and out of harm’s way, working long hours, nights, and holidays to protect us. Such work certainly deserves a little bit of recognition and reward, but if it were up to our elected representatives, our retired public safety veterans would be getting nothing more than a swift boot to the rear as they were pushed out the door.

When our first responders signed up for their jobs, there were many things they knew would come with the territory. A gross betrayal from their representatives was not one of those things that they expected. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what’s happening right now to them. Their healthcare insurance, which was clearly outlined in their new-hire handbooks as far back as the 1980s, is being yanked away from them after they have retired. They are being denied the basic healthcare that is keeping them alive after they served us. Without their insurance, their lives are at risk.

Before a person is hired, nothing is set in stone, and benefits can be changed. After they are hired, however, they are entitled to their aforementioned benefits. But waiting to strike until after they have retired? That’s absolutely repugnant and vile. Furthermore, these cruel changes are setting a terrible precedent for the future of our state. What are potentially incoming first responders going to do when they see how the veterans of the force are being treated? Are they going to stick around and defend a state that has turned its back on its retirees?

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