Dog bite claims account for one-third of all homeowners’ liability claims. The rate of dog bite occurrence has stayed relatively the same over the years; however, the amount of claims filed in response to dog bites has increased dramatically.

The increase in the amount of dog bite claims filed may be specifically related to the continuous increase in the value of dog bite claims, as shown in the following statistics:

  • From 2003-2012 dog bite claim values increased by 51%.
  • In 2012, dog bite claims accounted for $489.70 million in payouts.

Dog owners should be aware of the responsibility involved with dog ownership and should take the following steps to keep others safe from their animals and to protect themselves from liability:

  • Do not let your dogs run free. Always have them contained either by a leash or a fence.
  • Neutering male dogs can help with aggression.
  • Getting your dog professional pet training can better prepare them for interaction.
  • Dogs should never be left alone with young children.

Remember, dog bite liability differs from state to state. Many states have a “one free bite” rule, which means that a dog owner must have prior knowledge of the dog’s aggression to be held liable, but Ohio does not follow that same rule.

Under Ohio law, a dog owner is held strictly liable if their dog bites someone regardless of the dog’s prior history.

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Ohio Dog Bite Claims on the Rise
This content covers important information related to dog bites and dog bite claims. Dog bite laws vary from state to state. In Ohio, every dog owner must ensure their dogs pose no threat to others. If you or a family member were hurt by a dog bite, it is very important to contact an experienced dog bite lawyer.
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