The holiday season is upon us! From the week of Thanksgiving until after the new year we spend our time celebrating with family and friends – Christmas shopping, get-togethers, going out for drinks to catch up. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the roads can become dangerous for drivers.

In Ohio, 19 deaths and hundreds of accidents occurred over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has shown that Thanksgiving day has 5 times as many fatal traffic accidents as an ordinary day, with Labor Day, the fourth of July, and Memorial day not far behind. The following are factors that make the roads more dangerous during the holidays:

  • Increased traffic, at least 50% more motorist on the roads
  • Increase in alcohol consumption
  • Increase in driving distances
  • Possible adverse weather conditions

If you are planning a road trip over Christmas and the New Year, you should take these steps to arrive safely at your destination.

1. Plan your route.  Going over your route ahead of time will make your trip less stressful.

2. Check weather reports.  Knowing weather conditions will give you a chance to adjust your departure time or select an alternative route to your destination.

3. Service your vehicle.  Make sure your vehicle is in good working order.

4. Do not drink and drive.  If you plan on drinking make sure you have a designated drive,r or make other transportation arrangements.

5. Be well rested.  Get a good night’s sleep the night before your planned trip, and if you feel too tired to continue driving, stay in a motel for the night.

You can’t stop other drivers from making mistakes and/or using poor judgment when driving during the holidays. All you can do is be aware of the possible dangers and don’t make yourself part of the problem. Be safe on the roads so the holidays can be the joyful time they are meant to be.

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Ohio Car Accident Numbers on the Rise over the Holiday Season
Car accidents in Ohio occur daily, but accidents tend to spike over holiday weekends.. why? There are several reasons why car accidents spike: More drivers are on the road People are driving longer distances Drivers are under the influence of alcohol as a result of holiday parties. Do you know what to do if you are involved in a card accident in Ohio?
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