The New Year is a time for us to reflect on what we’d like to improve for ourselves—the same goes for our state laws.

There are several new laws effective this year and, whether you’re a seasoned driver or a new driver, everyone should be aware of these before getting behind the wheel. Specifically, there are 2 motorist laws in effect.

House Bill 154

This House Bill has two major changes to it:

  1. Ohio drivers must give bicyclists going in the same direction 3 feet or more when passing them on the roadway. Those who violate this law will be charged with a mild misdemeanor.This law is meant to protect pedestrians and remind motorists they must share the roadway. Please remember to always proceed with caution when driving near pedestrians and bicyclists!
  2. In certain cases, it is now legal for Ohio drivers to go through red lights. This will only apply in a situation where the traffic safety light is malfunction. If a driver goes through a red late, they must proceed with caution and make sure the intersection is clear of oncoming traffic.It is extremely important that drivers understand they have the burden to prove the light was malfunctioning if a car collision occurs. If you find that a traffic light is malfunctioning, contact the local police to let them know.

 Police ask that all Ohio motorists understand the time and place to utilize this law.

Several concerns authorities have for the red light law is that drivers will not be patient and will not be cautious. If, for example, someone decides to run the red light and causes a motor vehicle accident but the light is proven to be working properly, that person will be put at-fault for the collision.

With this new law in place, always be careful when going through intersections. Whether you are the one running the red light, or proceeding through a green light, be aware of what vehicles are near you.

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New Laws for Ohio Motorists in 2017
The new year also brings new laws for Ohioans. These new laws will be effective in 2017- see how they will affect Ohio motorists. If you've been injured due to a negligent driver, call me today for your free consultation.
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