MRSA and Hospital Acquired Infections

For many, a surgery or hospital visit of any kind is coupled with anxiety, and with high hopes for a ‘best case scenario’.  Unfortunately, despite a successful surgery or procedure, a simple hospital stay in and of itself can cause complications.  MRSA, the common name for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, is the leading culprit, and most widely recognized type of hospital acquired infection.

In addition to being resistant to many antibiotics, MRSA has an array of qualities that make it downright awful. MRSA is easily transmitted, and can quickly cause sepsis or death, even if detected early.  Children, the elderly and those that are ill or have undergone a procedure, are all at a higher risk.

How Poor Hospital Care Leads to MRSA

MRSA alone is not uncommon.  The CDC reports that MRSA is estimated to be present in every 2 out of 100 individuals, and that 33% of people carry general STAPH within their nose, that does not cause any resulting illness.

The CDC also reports that cases of MRSA are down roughly 50% over a five year trend, but averaging still about 30,000 cases.

MRSA is spread simply, by contact with an infected wound or by cross contamination. 

  • Improper patient contact
  • Lack of glove usage / improper gloving
  • Lack of cleanliness in utensils
  • Lack of surface cleanliness

A healthcare professional can spread MRSA by treating an infected wound and then going to a second patient and spreading the bacteria.  Failure to properly clean hands, tools and gloving are all factors.

The results of MRSA can be deadly. Even a simple procedure can lead to long term effects or death. While MRSA is partially to blame on antibiotic resistance, CDC guidelines can largely eliminate the issue and the spreading of MRSA in hospital facilities.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious illness or death as a result of MRSA acquired in a hospital setting, contact my offices immediately. 

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MRSA Hospital Acquired Infection
I've seen first hand the horrors that can occur due to an infection with MRSA. Sadly, the vast majority of these hospital acquired infections could have been prevented with proper hand washing technique, utensil and surface sterilization. We must ensure hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities adhere to the strict guidelines they are supposed to in order to prevent future injury.
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