Move Over Law in Ohio

*State law requires drivers approaching a stationary emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights, including road service vehicles, traveling in the same direction, to vacate the lane closest to if safe and possible to do so, or slow to a speed safe for road, weather, and traffic conditions. Also included in the law road maintenance vehicles.

The highway is one of the most dangerous places when it comes to traffic. This puts many men and women who enforce safety and maintain these roads at high risk for a serious incident.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, five firefighters and 12 law enforcement officers are killed annually in traffic accidents every year. Hailing from that tow truck drivers are killed every six days from an automobile accident. As drivers it is important for us to pay attention and abide by these laws especially while driving on the freeway.

It is important for even a basic traffic stop by a public safety officer that we merge over to the next lane to prevent any accident from occurring. This could save you and other lives around you.

Highway Safety Tips

  • Start off in right lane traffic
  • At all times use blinkers when changing a lane
  • Keep a wide viewing point
  • Do Not drive with rage
  • Watch out for motorcycles
  • Drive within posted limits
  • Stay focused on the road
  • Always be on the lookout for potential hazards

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