There are plenty of resources instructing drivers on how to safely and avoid motorcycles on the road. You need to give motorcyclist plenty of space, look for their signals, and realize they might pop up in your blind spot when you least expect it. However, were you aware there are safety tips for motorcyclists themselves to avoid potential accidents? Riding a motorcycle isn’t something everyone can do, as you need a special endorsement on your license. It only makes sense that the people riding them need to be proactive and know how to stay safe on the roads.

Safe Motorcycling

Riding a motorcycle is supposed to be enjoyable. It ceases to be fun when accidents occur, especially since they can be deadly. Many motorcycle accidents can be avoided, as long as the rider has a bike that they can handle. It’s easy to end up impressed with the bikes that your fellow riders have, leading you to purchase a model with more power and weight than you can safely control. If the bike is too fast, too heavy, or just too much for you, then your risk of causing an accident goes up exponentially.

Those who purchase a motorcycle also need to ensure that it has antilock brakes. If it doesn’t, then an adjustment needs to occur before you ride it for the first time. Antilock brakes help you stay in control of the bike when you stop quickly or are riding down wet roads. On top of this, taking a motorcycle safety course will help as well. These courses teach you everything from the very basics to how to handle advanced maneuvers, such as steering around objects in the road without getting thrown off of the bike or going out of control.

Protection Helps

Motorcycle laws in Ohio don’t require the use of a helmet. Although some riders choose to wear one, it’s recommended that every motorcyclist on the road wears the right protective gear. This includes a helmet, eye protection, long pants, gloves, boots that go over the ankle, and a heavy duty jacket, such as one made of leather. This way, should an accident occur, you have a layer of protection between yourself and the road. Knowing how to drive defensively is another way to remain safe, especially since motorcycle riders are more likely to be injured in a crash than those in cars.

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