Emergency room visits for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) increased by 30% in the last decade. This statistic, produced by the Journal of the American Medical Association, proves efforts to promote traumatic brain injury awareness are working.

With the general public more aware of the dangers associated with concussions, it seems people are taking these injuries more seriously. As more people seek treatment for head injuries, doctors and researchers are able to learn more about the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries, the correct course of treatment, and ultimately, prevention.

Immediate treatment for a traumatic brain injury is essential to preventing catastrophic injury in the form of long-term damage.

Traumatic brain injury is classified as any disruption of brain function, and usually comes in the form of a fall, crash, bump, or blow to the head. Failing to seek medical treatment after a serious head injury is incredibly dangerous. It is imperative to rest, and cease any and all cognitive work following a concussive event.

Without a specific diagnosis, the injured victim will likely continue performing routine activities, possibly causing serious and irreversible damage. Traumatic brain injuries can take hours or even days to manifest.

Untreated and undiagnosed head injuries leave patients vulnerable to serious disability and even death.

Treatment of a concussion is completely dependent on how a brain injury manifests itself. That is why you need to see a doctor right away if you experience any disruption of brain function. Seeing an increase in the number of emergency room visits as a result of head injury is the first step in solving the serious and deadly problems associated with traumatic brain injury.

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More ER Visits for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
In Ohio, traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of permanent injury. Thankfully, more people are aware of traumatic brain injuries and are seeking medical help sooner, before further brain injury can occur. If a traumatic brain injury occurred as a result of someone else's negligence, it is critical to seek the help of an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer.
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