Mom Dies Days After Giving Birth When Complaints Are Ignored

Giving birth to a new life is supposed to be a joyous time. New parents and their family members should be celebrating the birth of a child or children in their lives. When a mother dies just days after giving birth due to possible medical malpractice, the beautiful time is tragically cut short. A situation like this recently occurred in Alabama when a mother died just days after having twins.

Doctors Ignored Her Complaints

No one should die at the age of 28, let alone a new mother. Tiffani Bowen, a resident of the state of Alabama, delivered her twins on May 16th. She delivered them via C-section and named the boys Kase and Knox. A mere 11 days after their birth, Tiffani died of a blood clot. Despite complaining to her doctors about pain and swelling in her right leg after the C-section, she was sent home. Doctors informed her that the swelling was common and that it would go down after a few weeks’ time. However, the swelling was due to a blood clot that wound up traveling through her body to her heart, killing her almost instantly. Her husband was in the room when she died, and now he is left to care for their twins and two other children all alone.

A Preventable Death

Blood clots can be treated before they become fatal. Clots are a risk that comes with any type of surgery, particularly a C-section, as patients are left bedridden for a slightly longer length of time afterward. Plus, many women who carry twins end up on bedrest prior to their C-section, which also increases the chances of developing a blood clot in the legs. When a patient’s complaints are taken seriously, medical professionals can treat the clot and break it up before it has a chance to travel to the heart, lungs or brain.  Clots that end up in the heart or lungs can be fatal, even if the patient is in the hospital when it occurs.

If the doctor had taken Tiffani’s complaints seriously, and treated her blood clot, she may still be alive today to care for her beautiful children. Instead, her husband and their relatives are left to care for the children while mourning her death. Their children, particularly Kase and Knox, will only hear stories about their mother. Sadly, they will never get to know her.

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