It is no secret that doctors put more cash in their pockets through multiple procedures. Some may even think those procedures are unnecessary, but many of us do not question medical professionals when it comes to our own health.

How can patients know they are receiving top-notch as well as necessary medical care?

Readers Digest dove headfirst into this question by providing 50 “secrets” surgeons may not tell patients. Many of these can be tips to avoid putting yourself or your loved one in a situation that can result in medical malpractice.

Here are 10 of 50 tips patients should consider:

  1. Ask hospital employees which surgeon is good.
  2. Question the doctor’s complication rate.
  3. Most surgeons have “inherent financial conflict of interest”. This means that doctors would be paid more by doing surgery rather than handling a medical issue with minor medical treatment options.
  4. Check if your surgeon is board-certified. More often than not, surgeons are not certified in their specialty.
  5. Your primary care doctor’s referral may not always be the best referral. Don’t assume your family doctor will pick a top-notch surgeon; always do your research before deciding.
  6. Talking to former patients can be helpful. You can ask your doctor if you can talk with a former patient, it’s worth a shot to try.
  7. A surgeon may not provide additional procedure options if they don’t know how to do it. It is good to get a second opinion in case there is another surgical option available with less risks, recovery time, etc.
  8. Ask your doctor who you will follow up with after your surgery. Some doctors may not follow up once a patient has been discharged. It is important to ask your doctor to identify who you should follow up with and when.
  9. Have a procedure done early in the week. If you need a follow-up for complications, some doctors may leave town for weekends and you’ll be stuck with no doctor.
  10. Some surgeons may have practice management consultants that will bulk up your bill in the end. These consultants will push for medical equipment (braces, walkers, etc.) or further testing (MRIs, x-rays, etc.) that can be extremely costly to your medical billing.

This list is only a fifth of the list Readers Digest provided!

It is important that you and your loved ones read through the entire list so you can make smarter, healthier and more beneficial decisions in your healthcare and treatment plans.

Read the full list here and share friends and family. Any one of these tips can make a difference in preventing medical errors made by your doctor!

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