The concern in hospitals is the reuse of some medical devices. Although devices are sterilized and cleaned there is still a slight chance that the device can cause an infection or even break because of the long-term use of it.

Reusing disposable devices is legal, although hospitals assume any liability. However, the growing fight is leaving consumers with many questions on what to even do or think.

Independent health experts say consumers shouldn’t panic, because reports of patient problems are so rare that there’s no evidence recycled devices are a big risk.

The CDC, have investigated for the past 2 decades on outbreaks that are caused by the reuse of medical devices and it is very few. The only problem is that these people are affected by this and the hospitals lack of attention to it shows the importance of making money. By reusing medical devices hospitals save money from purchasing new ones.

Although some devices may be okay to reuse 10-12 times you should still be aware of what treatment you are receiving and how the medical devices or even implants can harm you.

Dangers of Infections


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