A gynecologist in Colorado was recently accused of using his sperm to artificially inseminate women without approval or consent. The gynecologist’s actions resulted in the births of approximately a dozen children from the 1970s to the 1990s. 

After years of helping couples have families, the doctor’s actions were discovered through the use of Ancestry DNA kit. A woman who had submitted her DNA for testing received an email from another woman who claimed to be a half-sister from a different father. Additional searches on Ancestry revealed even more half-siblings until the DNA trail eventually led to the doctor. 

This discovery comes as a shocking realization to couples who previously believed they were having children through an anonymous sperm donor. The family who discovered this secret now alleges in a lawsuit that the gynecologist used his sperm to impregnate women and is the father of several people throughout the country. Other families who have since discovered this fact have expressed hurt and outrage over the news. 

Now, additional families have also announced plans to pursue legal action against the doctor. The legal actions allege medical negligence, lack of informed consent, fraud, and battery. Currently there are no criminal laws in Colorado regarding artificial insemination, but the families hope that regulations will be initiated following this case. 

In addition to outrage over the event, another sentiment that has commonly been expressed by the victims is wonderment over why the doctor decided to violate the expectations of the families. The gynecologist has not commented on this case and is still licensed to practice in Colorado. When a Denver reporter asked the doctor to provide a sperm sample, he refused.

Ohio Law and Artificial Insemination

Several laws in Ohio directly address non-spousal artificial insemination. It is critical for families in Ohio who use artificial insemination to understand the following:

  • Non-spousal artificial insemination must be performed by a physician or individual who is under the direct control of a physician.
  • Non-spousal artificial insemination of a married woman can only occur if both the woman and her husband sign a written consent to artificial insemination. 
  • The violation of any of Ohio’s non-spousal artificial insemination laws constitutes a misdemeanor of the first degree. This means that people who violate these regulations can end up spending six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

While these laws were created to stop cases like the one in Colorado from occurring in Ohio, there is still a risk that Ohio families can end up having their trust violated in such a manner. For example, a recent lawsuit was initiated against Cincinnati’s Institute for Reproductive Health, The Christ Hospital, and Ovation Fertility by a family who underwent in-vitro vitalization in 1994 to conceive a daughter who was ultimately conceived with another man’s sperm.

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