Make Them Pay, Attention!!!

Recently I had the high honor of being asked to lecture at my alma mater, Cleveland State University, John Marshall College of Law.

Tim Misny Cleveland personal injury attorneyI emphasized how important it is to find passion in doing right by your client and how heartwarming it is when you achieve something for your client that, but for your help, they never would know.

I told the class, that in addition to getting the client funds so that they can live as normal of a life as possible, it is most gratifying to change the way hospitals and business conduct themselves, so that hopefully, the tragedy that befell my client, will never ever happen again. 

Forty-two years ago, I first walked into John Marshall College of Law, as a young, idealistic law student. Now today, after representing the injured victim throughout the United States for thirty-eight years, I am happy to report, that I am more passionate than ever in my quest to help people.

My law school is truly a gem of an institution. Their “urban law” emphasis prepares young men and women to advocate aggressively on behalf of hard-working people.

I told the assembly that when you are on the side of right you will prevail.  Represent each and every client as if they were a member of your own family.  And always do what is in your clients best interest. 

I am so proud of these wonderful students and their caring faculty. My parting words of advice, were simply “Carry on, because there will always be people that need you”.