Since 1952, delivery room doctors have been performing the APGAR test on newborn babies. The APGAR test, which is an acronym for appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, and respiration, is used to evaluate the health of infants.

The doctor evaluates infants with each of the five criteria on a scale of 0-2, and then adds the scores together to produce the total APGAR number. A total score of 1 – 3 is considered low, while 4 – 6 is considered normal, and a score of 7 is above average.

The Apgar score is simply a quick means of seeing if a baby requires immediate medical care, but it should not be used to make long-term predictions about the overall health of the infant. 

The Apgar score is given twice: once one minute after birth, and again five minutes after birth. If the infant exhibits a low score, the test will continue to be repeated. A baby who consistently scores low after 10 – 30 minutes is at greater risk of suffering long-term neurological damage.

The following conditions are known to cause a low APGAR score:

  • Amniotic fluid embolism
  • Placental abruption
  • Untreated maternal infections
  • Uterine rupture
  • Head trauma during delivery
  • Cardio respiratory collapse in mother
  • Excessive vaginal bleeding
  • Macrosomia

A low APGAR score is a red flag. You should begin asking a lot of questions about your baby’s care, including whether the low APGAR score was caused by a medical mistake.

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Low APGAR Score Caused by Medical Malpractice
Was your infant's low APGAR score due to a medical mistake? A low APGAR score is an early indicator that something went wrong during the birth of your child. Could the problem have been averted or did a serious medical mistake occur? You owe it to yourself and your child to investigate what happened. It is difficult to do this on your own, but with the help of an experienced birth injury attorney, the questions will be answered. If the birth injury was caused by medical negligence, I will find out and I’ll Make Them Pay!®
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