New information about the Kardashian pregnancy touches on a controversial topic

4% of full term pregnancies can result in a breech delivery . This number climbs to over 25% for babies delivered before term! A breech birth describes a baby that is not positioned with his or her head angling down towards the pelvis. In a breech position, the baby has his or her bottom or legs angled down, with the head angled up and away from the pelvis. With today’s available medical technology and active monitoring, medical professionals are able to easily identify and monitor a breech baby; thus planning an appropriate delivery. In the US breech deliveries are most commonly done by a Cesarean section.

According to a recent report, Kardashian’s OB-GYN is one of the last medical experts (self proclaimed) willing and able to deliver a breech baby safely without a C-section..

Potential Ramifications of Breech Deliveries

Celebrity royalty or not, any breech baby is at risk for a variety of birth related injuries and complications. This is arguably the number one factor that supports Cesarean as the top delivery option for breech babies.

In the breech position, babies are at risk for a prolapsed umbilical cord, which can occur if the cord becomes restricted in the pelvis or during the birthing process. Breech babies are also at risk for becoming lodged in the pelvis, and also for injuries related to decompression during delivery.

All of these injuries can result in a lack of oxygen for your baby, resulting in neurological injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal injuries and other life-threatening, tragic outcomes. While some medical professionals claim they can safely deliver a breech baby without a Cesarean, it is very risky and they are gambling with the health and well-being of your child.

Whether your breech baby was delivered via Cesarean section or vaginally and your baby experienced complications or injury you must call me immediately.

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Breech deliveries are difficult, period. The vase majority of breech deliveries are performed via c-section, yet some physicians still deliver breech babies vaginally. Breech positioning means the baby is positioned with his/her bottom or legs first, rather than the head. Babies are at increased risk for injury when they are positioned as breech. An OB-GYN should know in advance whether a baby is breech and should weigh the best delivery options for both mother and child in order to minimize the chance for injury.
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