The road is an existential threat. No matter what vehicle you get in or the conditions in which you drive, by going on the road, you are voluntarily putting yourself at risk of serious injury. Thankfully, due to various safety mechanisms and the wonders of technology, this experience doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds.

However, there is one group of motorists who aren’t afforded the same luxury – motorcyclists. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are always at an inherent disadvantage on the streets when compared to cars, trucks or other modes of transportation.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration quantifies that your chances of dying on motorcycle are 35 times higher than in a car!

The Perils of Two-Wheelers

Motorcyclists are in danger first and foremost because of the structural disadvantages of their vehicle. Not only are motorbikes smaller and less secure than cars, they are also more prone to fall over due to having an unsure center of balance. The physical limitations of motorcycles always mean that they take the blunt of the damage in a collision.

While motorcyclists are usually skilled enough to avoid the bulk of the obstacles on the road, there are situations, which can’t be as easily averted. Dirt and road kill are difficult enough to avoid, but gravel and other inorganic substances on the roads kill the bike’s grip, making driving unpredictable.

Sudden weather changes – something us Ohioans are definitely accustomed to – can also be disastrous for a motorcyclist. Motorcyclists can only safely drive in very specific circumstances. If a motorcyclist decides to drive in rain or snow, the risk of getting into an accident dramatically increases.

Staying Safe on the Motorcycle

Fortunately, despite the dangers of motorcycles, there are several ways to “protect yourself before you wreck yourself”:

  1. Wear a helmet. 40 percent of riders killed in 2015 were not wearing a helmet. By wearing a helmet, you protect yourself from the majority of the potential harms stemming from a collision.
  2. Be careful in traffic. While intersections are generally a dangerous place, they are even more threatening for motorcyclists. Even being chipped by a car can do devastating damage. Being aware and noticing when cars are turning goes a long way towards averting a crash.
  3. Stay focused. While distracted driving is generally a bad habit, its negative effects are more pronounced on motorcycles. Keeping your eyes on the road is absolutely vital to staying safe.
  4. Don’t push it. 33 percent of motorcycle fatalities in 2015 were killed as a direct result of the motorcyclist speeding. Speeding around corners is especially dangerous as it raises the risk of tipping over.
  5. Check the forecast. Driving in inclement weather is a bad idea! Ensure that it’s not too icy or rainy to be able to ride effectively before heading out.

By following these tips, you can decrease the likelihood of getting into a crash and properly enjoy riding your motorcycle!

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Keeping Your Head in the Game: How to Avoid Motorcycle Collisions
The NHTSA quantifies that a rider's chances of dying on motorcycle are 35 times higher than in a car. As a personal injury attorney for 36 years, it's disconcerting knowing that most of these accidents can be prevented by following basic roadway safety tips. Call me today for your free consultation if you've been hurt in a motorcycle accident.
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