Is the Surgeon the Best Choice for Your Surgical Procedure?

Having a surgical procedure can be a daunting and life changing experience. Of course, you want that surgery to change your life for the better.  A lot of people settle on the very first surgeon their primary care physician refers them to. More people should know that they actually have a choice and a say as to which surgeon completes the operation.

It is always important to have direct lines of communication with any health care professional, especially surgeons. Health care can always be improved by patient and surgeon having a conversation. Let’s discuss some questions to ask you surgeon before you decide to choose this medical professional as the one to perform the operation.

Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Surgeon

  1. Can you tell me about your credentials, education, and experience?
  2. Do you specialize in this type of surgery?
  3. How often have you performed it?
  4. What complications have you encountered while performing this type of surgery?
  5. Can you provide me with names and contact information of colleagues, and if possible, former patients, so I can hear about their experiences?
  6. If I have any additional questions, what is the best way to contact you?

Always get a second (or third, fourth…) opinion!

When you have chosen a surgeon, keep the conversation going! Don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon question before the surgery. Write them down as you think of them, and document the answers so you can fully understand and refer to the questions and answers later. Let’s discuss questions to ask your surgeon before the operation itself.

Questions to Ask Before the Surgery

  1. Why do I need this surgery?
  2. Is a minimally invasive surgery an option?
  3. What are my anesthesia options?
  4. How will the operation be performed?
  5. What are the risks involved?
  6. What can I expect during my recovery?

Most importantly there are some more questions to ask: to yourself, the patient.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. What did your instincts tell you?
  2. Did you feel comfortable talking to the surgeon?
  3. Are they caring and trustworthy?
  4. Did they listen to your concerns?
  5. Were they open to having a conversation?
  6. Did they seem knowledgeable and confident, while still being empathetic?


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Is the Surgeon the Best Choice for Your Surgical Procedure?
Included are examples of questions to ask while interviewing a potential surgeon and what to ask before the operation itself.