The Ohio Highway Patrol cites failure to yield as one of the main contributing factors of motor vehicle accidents. In several counties in Ohio in 2017, the number of crashes at stop sign intersections is down; however, the number of fatalities has risen.

Distracted driving is also a contributing factor for failing to yield at a stop sign. Parents can encourage their teen drivers to not use their cell phones while behind the wheel. There are even apps that restrict the use of cell phone when the phone’s GPS senses the phone is moving in a motor vehicle. CellControl or Drive Safe Mode are a couple of examples of such apps.

Three important steps to take before proceeding into a stop sign intersection are:

  • Look both ways and then back again.
  • Come to a full and complete stop. Count to 4 before proceeding.
  • Eliminate distractions such as eating or cell phone use.

Failure to yield at a stop sign is against the law, and can result in a citation.

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Intersection Accident Danger
Failure to yield at a stop sign can lead to crashes that involve injury or death. Safe driving techniques are provided for proceeding through a stop sign intersection.