While an injury can occur at any time or place, sport venues are arguably prone to a significant number of injuries. That begs the question, who is responsible if a person is injured at a sports venue? Large crowds, flying objects, alcohol use, coupled with stadium design can all contribute to injury and sometimes tragedy.

Most Sport Venue Injuries Fall into Two Categories

In most, but not all cases, sporting facility related injuries fall into two different types:

  1. Venue premise liability
  2. Injuries from sporting equipment

Sporting equipment injuries commonly result from being hit by foul balls, a stray bat or diving player. Premise injuries lend more to slips, falls or other injuries.. In either scenario, simply attending an event does not waive your rights to individual safety – However it does require proof that the owner or owners were negligible and that resulted in your injury.

Proving negligence requires my legal expertise, expert witnesses, diligent research and discovery and many other factors.! My passion is proving that had preventative measures been in place, my client’s injuries would not have occurred. Furthermore, forcing the implementation of preventative measures and displaying the seriousness of the situation through legal recourse, will save others from future injury.

Have fun, be safe!

At your next Browns game, Indian’s game or Cavs at the Q – Enjoy your time and take care to pay attention to individuals and your surroundings. If you or a loved one suffers an injury at a sport venue, contact my offices immediately!


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Injuries at Sport Venues
The back of your ticket may say the venue is not responsible for injuries that occur on it premises, but in fact they can be held accountable if negligence can be proven. It is important to contact and attorney that specialized in personal injury claims.
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