All head injuries, no matter the severity, require immediate medical treatment. Brain injuries can’t be reversed, but quick medical attention can prevent further damage and/or life-long consequences.

Immediate medical care after a traumatic brain injury is necessary to prevent brain damage and abnormal body function.

After a traumatic brain injury, there are certain actions that may need to be taken. For example, traumatic brain injury can often restrict the amount of oxygen. It is important to make sure the victim of TBI receives adequate oxygen to the brain to avoid brain damage, and to ensure the body continues to function correctly after the injury.

Some medication may be needed immediately after a traumatic brain injury:

  • Anti-seizure drugs – Seizures can be a consequence of traumatic brain injury and occur following the initial injury. Seizures can cause further damage to the brain, so anti-seizure medication is prescribed to further protect the injured patient.
  • Coma-inducing drugs – Doctors may use drugs to induce a temporary coma, so an injured brain does not have to work so hard to maintain normal function.
  • Diuretics – After a traumatic brain injury, patients may experience swelling of the brain. Diuretics will reduce the amount of fluid in the body, thus relieving brain pressure.

After a traumatic brain injury, surgery may be necessary to minimize damage to brain tissue such as:

  • Repairing a skull fracture
  • Removing blood clots
  • Opening an area in the skull to drain and relieve brain pressure

Rehabilitation after a traumatic brain injury may include:

Most people with serious traumatic brain injury will need extensive rehabilitation. They may need to re-learn simple tasks that you and I take for granted, including talking, walking, and thinking. They will need help performing common daily activities. It is important to begin rehabilitation as soon as it is medically safe. Rehabilitation specialists may include:

  • Psychiatric doctors
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Speech and language pathologists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Recreational therapists
  • Vocational counselors

Traumatic brain injuries are devastating and may require months, years, and even a lifetime of medical care. Recovery is a journey that requires the help of many. If you or someone you love suffered a traumatic brain injury, you need to call me right away at 1 (877) 944-4373 to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your injury and whether it could have been prevented.  As your injury lawyer, I’ll be there for you, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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Immediate Treatment After a Traumatic Brain Injury May Save a Life
Traumatic brain injuries are all too common. They can result from falls, vehicle accidents and even athletics. When a traumatic brain injury occurs, it is very important for the injured to receive immediate care to minimize further injury.
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