In this episode of “Getting Legal with Tim Misny,” CBS 19 weatherman Jason Handman and I took audience questions about personal injury law. Today, we had a question from Facebook fan Diana Riva: “If I’m hurt on the job, what should I do first and can they fire me?”

I gave my advice from the perspective of a Cleveland workers’ compensation lawyer, explaining to Jason and the audience what to do if you are hurt at work and addressing the common question, “Can they fire me?” (Can you guess the answer?)

If you got hurt at work and are wondering, “What do I do?” watch this episode of Getting Legal to hear my opinion as a personal injury lawyer for Cleveland, Ohio. Then you should immediately call my office at 1-800-55-MISNY to tell me about your case.

Getting Legal airs on CBS 19 every Friday morning at 7:55 a.m.

Hurt at Work?  I'll Tell You What to Do...
Hurt at Work? I'll Tell You What to Do...

Every years thousands of people are injured at work. Often, the injured are afraid of losing their jobs if they file a Workers Compensation claim. If you've been injured at work in the state of Ohio, this video will address the steps you need take to ensure you are rightfully compensated.

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