Turner Construction Company, a Cincinnati construction company, reports that the body of a missing worker was recently located inside a collapsed building. At the time of the collapse, the worker was checking for signs of structural stress while concrete was being poured on the temporary floor above him. As a result of the collapse, four other workers were treated for injuries at a nearby medical facility.

Every year, many people in this country have their lives forever changed as a result of building collapses. All workers should learn safety tips to handle this type of risk.

Common Causes of Building Collapses

Various factors can result in building collapses, but some of the most common causes include:

  • Defective building materials
  • Design defects
  • Failure to identify flaws in buildings during inspection
  • Foundation defects
  • Improper building maintenance
  • Not following design specifications
  • Water damage

Under the theories of premises liability, the victims of building collapses are often able to obtain compensation from the building’s owner and sometimes the parties that designed or built the structure.

Be Prepared

All buildings have emergency evacuation plans. By learning this plan and becoming acquainted with the building, you will better prepared in case an emergency occurs. Some people even go so far as to keep survival kits nearby. If rescuers are unable to come to help you immediately after an accident, these kits can prove lifesaving.

Immediately Exit the Building

If a building begins to collapse, use the shortest route to get out of the building. In situations in which a person might be located on the first floor, it can even be a good idea to exit a building through a window. If you cannot immediately exit the building, lie down in a fetal position beside a piece of furniture or desk. The bigger the furniture, the safer you will be.

In the case of a cave-in, the furniture will create a triangle area, which can keep you safe. After the dust settles, you should then determine where you are in the building before determining the safest route to escape.

Stay Calm

It is easy to become overwhelmed with fear if a building collapses, but you should do your best to remain calm. By letting panic get to you, you greatly increase the risk that you will be unable to think clearly or ultimately escape the building.

Speak with an Experienced Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a building collapse, one of the first steps that you can take is to speak with an experienced accident attorney. Call me today, and during a free case evaluation, we can discuss your options to pursue compensation.

While the aftermath of a devastating accident can be difficult to weather, I will guide you through the litigation process and make sure you obtain the results that you deserve. I’ll Make Them Pay!®.

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