How to Select a Surgeon to Reduce Your Chance of a Surgical Mistake

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It is important to do your research before choosing a surgeon. Picking the best surgeon possible can reduce chances of complications, length of post surgery hospital stay, chance of re-admittance after discharge, being the victim of surgical error, or even death.

Surgeons are often referred by other medical professionals, but one does not have to choose that surgeon based on a referral. This is true even when the referring medical professional is someone such as a trusted and long-standing primary care physician. Researching a surgeon can seem like a daunting task, but with a checklist of what to research, it can make the process simpler.

  • Check credentials
    • Validation of state credentials can be done through the State Medical Board.
    • The American Board of Medical Specialists can confirm whether or surgeon is Board Certified: meaning they have gone through training an passed a test in a specific surgical area.
  • Check Surgeon Ratings
    • Surgeon Ratings are based on the above-mentioned credentials.
    • Ratings also take into consideration the number of procedures the surgeon has performed, their percentage of complication and frequency of the need to be re-admitted to the hospital after a surgical procedure.

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Article Name
How to Select a Surgeon to Reduce Your Chance of a Surgical Mistake
Choosing a surgeon can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. This task can be eased with the knowledge of how to research a surgeon: by checking credentials and ratings. Credentials are managed by the State in which the surgeon practices and by Medical Boards. Ratings are measured by statistical numbers associated with the surgeon.