In late November, the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that an accident occurred in Pataskala resulting in the deaths of two individuals. The accident occurred when the driver’s vehicle went left of center and exited the road. The vehicle then went airborne and collided with multiple trees. Both the driver and the vehicle’s only passenger were later pronounced dead at the scene.

The most common cause of drivers losing control of their vehicles is inclement weather conditions, like ice and rain. Several other factors can also cause drivers to exit the road too, such as brake failure.

The experience of losing control of your vehicle is a frightening one. You should not let these fears, however, impact your ability to safely operate a vehicle. To increase your chances of staying safe if you ever lose control of your vehicle, consider the following important safety tips:

Stay Calm

Your first response after losing control of your vehicle is likely terror. You should do whatever it takes, however, to stay calm. If you lose control of your motor vehicle, the next few moments will influence the outcome of the accident. Focus on thinking clearly and calmly and responding quickly.

Avoid Sudden Braking

As winter approaches, the risk of hydroplaning increases greatly. Hydroplaning refers to when a vehicle’s tires lose traction as a result of a lack of friction with the road. As soon as people notice  their vehicle is hydroplaning, they attempt to slam hard on their brakes to slow down the vehicle.

This type of driving pattern, however, is dangerous and causes serious accidents. Rather than slamming down on the brakes, you should gradually apply pressure to the brakes and then release your foot.

Do Not Rapidly Accelerate

While some people want to stop suddenly when they hydroplane, other people attempt to put their foot down on the gas. This type of driving pattern, however, can be just as deadly.

Begin Steering in the Opposite Direction

If your vehicle is skidding, the best way to respond is to slowly steer out of the skid. By gradually moving the steering wheel in your desired direction, you can gradually regain control of the vehicle. Applying too much force to turn the wheel can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Let Me Fight for You

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident in which your vehicle left the road, you can face many serious complications. In these situations, you should not hesitate to speak with me today. I have helped hundreds of accident victims fight successfully to protect their rights.

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