Workers for an Ohio company were recently killed while working for the Tennessee Department of Transportation. The accident occurred in a construction zone and involved an 18-wheeler. While the company has been operating since the 1980s, these events mark the first time that the company lost a worker in an accident. 

Based on statistics compiled by the Federal Highway Administration, there are approximately 514 deaths that occur in work zones each year. There are many reasons for this large number of fatalities. For one, many states including the Ohio Department of Transportation often perform both road construction and maintenance without closing the roads. 

When these accidents do occur, many of them involve individuals being struck by motor vehicles. In addition to the risks faced by construction workers, motorists are also at risk of being harmed by heavy equipment that is being used in the work zone.

While it might seem obvious, one of the best strategies that motorists can follow to avoid ending up in accidents is paying attention to changes in the road, which helps to avoid being caught off guard in an accident. The following will outline some strategies that drivers should follow to avoid ending up in work zone accidents.

Follow All Road Signs (in Work Zones and Elsewhere)

Besides driving cautiously, one of the other strategies that greatly decreases the chance of ending up in an accident is making sure to follow all posted road signs, particularly when passing through work zones. Warning signs often feature black writing on an orange background and are used to signify dangers on the road. 

Lower Your Vehicle’s Speed in Work Zones

In many work zones, drivers are required to travel at a slower than normal speed to stay safe. Even if you are not required to travel at a slower speed when passing through a work zone, you should remain cautious of surrounding conditions when traveling through one. By staying at a slow speed, you can make sure that you are prepared to stop or maneuver if an emergency suddenly arises. 

Adjust Your Lane Position

It is common for some lanes of traffic to be closed in work zones. This means that it is common for lanes of traffic that pass through work zones to become congested. While passing through these lanes, it is vital to avoid rubbernecking. This increases the chance that if a driver stops suddenly, a motorist following will not have time to stop. Drivers must make sure to maintain an adequate distance from other vehicles on the road. By keeping a safe distance from other vehicles on the road, drivers can greatly decrease their chances of ending up in a deadly accident. 

Contact an Experienced Accident Lawyer

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