Meeting with Tim
I am happy to meet you and your family at a time and place that is most convenient for you. Over the past three decades, my clients have asked to meet me at their home, at a hospital, at a funeral home, and even at a grave site. And, it always is my pleasure to accommodate your needs.

Communicating with Tim
As I have mentioned, you will meet with me personally. And if I agree to take your case, I will give you my direct-dial cell phone number, so that you will have an open line of communication with me seven days a week. I understand that your questions and concerns may not happen 9 to 5. In addition to being as near to me as your telephone, I am happy to meet with you face to face whenever the need arises.

Financing Your Case
You never have to take out your checkbook. Our fee is a contingency, a percentage of the recovery. I pay all of the case expenses. Filing fees, expert witness fees, and deposition services, to name a few. These cases get very expensive very quickly. But, I spare no costs in obtaining all expert testimony necessary in the preparation of your claim. The bottom line is that your decision to pursue a case is a no-lose proposition for you.

Making Them Pay
In any personal injury case, there are always two components. The first is liability— who is responsible, and is someone negligent—meaning, did they breach the duty of care owed to another person? The second component is damages—what kind of compensation are we talking about? There may be lost wages, and even the loss of future earning capabilities. Often, medical bills and the cost of futures medical care can be staggering. It is also important to consider the loss of enjoyment of life. Every situation is unique and must be considered individually.
Tim Misny Personal Injury Attorney
Both liability and damages must be proven with preponderance of the evidence, and often, the market value of someone’s lost earning potential can be a very significant number.  I employ nationally recognized experts to prove my case and put a number on lost potential.  Then I’ll Make Them Pay!®.

I use experts in accident reconstruction, psychology, economics, vocational rehabilitation, aeronautical, aviation, and other types of transportation. My medical resources include experts in physical, internal, orthopedic, neuropsychological, prosthetics, orthotics, and psychiatric medicine.

Let’s talk
Do you think you may have a case? Call me today at 1-800-55-MISNY and we’ll discuss your situation. I will do everything possible to obtain the fair compensation you deserve.

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How I Work to Fight for Personal Injury Victims
This page provides detailed information about how Tim Misny, a highly experienced personal injury lawyer, works to fight for his personal injury and medical malpractice clients to obtain fair compensation.