After you have been injured in an accident, I know how important it is to find the best accident lawyer in Ohio to handle your case. Yet when you run a search on the internet for “best accident lawyer in Ohio” or “best accident lawyer near me,” it can be extremely difficult to determine which of the attorneys who show up in those searches could actually be the right advocate for getting you the financial compensation you need.

Finding the best accident lawyer for your case does not need to be as tough as it might seem. The following are some helpful questions you should ask of an accident lawyer when you are deciding whether to hire that person to handle your case.

How Long Have You Been Taking on Accident Cases in Ohio?

How many years of experience does a lawyer have when it comes to handling accident cases in Ohio? To find the best attorney for your case, it is important to know that your legal counsel has the necessary experience to develop a winning strategy for your case.

Have You Handled Accident Claims with Similar Facts to Mine?

There are many personal injury attorneys out there, but many of those personal injury lawyers will not have experience handling a variety of accident cases and, more specifically, handling accident cases with a fact pattern similar to your case. You will want to be sure you have an experienced advocate on your side who has experience working on cases like yours and knows what it takes to win a claim. You should absolutely ask any attorney with whom you meet about previous cases they have handled that are similar to your own.

What is Your Record in Verdicts and Settlements in Accident Cases?

What is the accident lawyer’s record when it comes to getting verdicts or settlements in accident cases? Have they made sure that at-fault parties have paid? When you are looking for an accident attorney to handle your case, you will want to find out more about a lawyer’s history when it comes to getting financial compensation for clients.

What is My Accident Claim Worth?

You should certainly ask an accident lawyer what your claim is worth, but a lawyer should not commit to an exact dollar figure. I do everything I can to make sure at-fault parties pay, and I can discuss possible damages or settlement amounts with clients, but the best accident lawyers will not name an exact dollar figure to expect. The best lawyer will promise to work tirelessly on your behalf and to make the defendant pay, but will not be able to promise a precise dollar amount.

Contact My Firm to Get Started on Your Accident Claim

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