If you asked any licensed driver 10 years ago about the possibility of self-driven vehicles, they most likely would look at you like you had two heads.

The evolution of technology in the last 10 years—even in the last several years—is astonishing. The human race has made incredible strides; whether it is in the medical field, consumer goods, or the auto industry, change is inevitable.

The future of self-driven cars is not an unfathomable idea to auto companies like Ford and Tesla Motors.

Both companies have been working to improve and complete autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are self-driven vehicles that remove any need for human conduction. With that idea in mind, what will this mean for car insurance policies and car accident claims?

Numerous states in the U.S. have already begun creating legal guidelines for manufactures. In the state of Ohio, several lawmakers created House Bill 608 in an attempt to regulate autonomous vehicles on Ohio roadways.

This new bill will regulate autonomous vehicles by banning private owners from operating them on roadways until vehicle safety can be fully determined.

The goal is to enforce vehicle safety and find a liability medium for the manufacturers and other drivers.

“Financial responsibility requirements” would include discussing the manufacturers’ compliance on liability coverage (proof of insurance), vehicle operation safety requirements, and additional legislative actions if necessary.

If these steps are not taken, the possibility of higher accidents and more people without insurance coverage can have severe consequences.

Change is inevitable. Rather than fighting this technological advance, it’s time to embrace it by setting up legislative actions and safety guidelines that will benefit both drivers and the industry’s future advances.

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How Autonomous Vehicles Can Change the Car Insurance Industry
Self-driven cars seemed years away from becoming a reality but, now that these autonomous vehicles are being tested on the roadways, it is imperative that safety guidelines be put in place. How will these futuristic vehicles affect the insurance industry and car accident claims?
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