Whether it’s a few hours drive through county lines to see family or a cross country trip to see the winter wonderland, drivers should prepare for extended trips during the holidays. A little bit of common sense mixed in with some not so obvious tips can ensure a safe and happy holiday road trip!

  • Maintenance: 
    • Get a “tune up” before a holiday road trip. Get your tires checked, battery tested, and consider some winterized windshield wipers.
  • Roadside Assistance:
    • Make sure you have contact information for a roadside assistance program. Keep an emergency roadside kit, spare tire and empty gas can in the trunk in case of a roadside emergency.
  • Map Your Trip:
    • Make sure your phone and/or GPS devices are charged and fully functionally.
    • Bring along a Road Atlas! These days, everyone relies on technology for their traveling needs, but there is always the chance of incomplete GPS information, or so-called “dead zones” where there is no satellite or cell phone service. A back up plan is always a good idea!
    • Plan ahead for gas station fill ups and rest area bathroom breaks.
    • For longer trips, rotate who is driving, to give each other a break. Avoid drowsy driving. For trips that might last days, plans motel stays in advance.
  • Packing:
    • Keep small valuables in a purse or satchel that will remain with you, and larger valuables in the trunk.
    • Pack light snacks and drinks to minimize stops.
    • Make sure that your bags, luggage, or gifts for others are not blocking any windows or mirrors for the driver.
  • Vehicle Rental:
    • Depending on the type of trip, it might make sense to look into renting a fuel efficient or larger vehicle for your road trip.
    • If your car is small or not fuel efficient it may make fiscal sense to rent a larger minivan or SVU.
    • This can allow you to carpool with larger groups rather than taking several vehicles. If you need to transport a lot of items, it may be a more efficient option than attaching a trailer with packed items.
  • Have Fun!
    •  Pack some games for the kids to enjoy! Make a fun playlist to listen to in the car!


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Planning a Holiday Road Trip
Included are some helpful tips to planning a safe and fun road trip in the winter.