Higher Speed Limits, More Fatalities

Faster speed limits are supposed to make drivers happy. According to some researchers, since drivers travel very fast in the first place, raising speed limits would actually result if fewer traffic citations. However, when drivers are given a chance to go even faster on our nation’s highways, it will results in more fatal accidents. Higher speed limit plans have backfired, yet the states’ still roll out additional plans for them.

The Statistics Tell the Story

When the speed limit is raised  to 75 mph for instance, some reasoned that drivers were already going that fast, anyway.  As such, speeding tickets would be issued less frequently.  The fact is, those same drivers just drove faster, hitting speeds of 80, 85 mph and higher.  Unsurprisingly, the rate of fatal accidents increased as well. More than 37,000 people have died in speed-related accidents on our nation’s highways in the last 2 decades because of these new higher speed limits.

The president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also stated approximately 10,000 people die every year in speed-related crashes. While this statistic doesn’t seem to jive with the previous one, it’s important to note that these 10,000 people died in speed-related crashes of all kinds, not just on highways.. No matter what, it’s clear that more accidents and resulting deaths occur when speed limits are increased.

It Takes Longer to Slow Down When Traveling at High Speeds

The faster your vehicle travels, the longer it takes for it to properly slow down. Many people are taught to leave at least two car lengths between their vehicle and the one in front of them, even longer if traveling on the freeway. However, few people do, not realizing that it can take a significant amount of time to come to a complete stop when going 70 mph.

Additionally, higher speed-related accidents result in far more serious injuries, simply because of inertia. The human body isn’t designed to withstand the type of quick stop at a high rate of speed. Even with seat belts and air bags, people die!

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