In today’s episode of “Getting Legal with Tim Misny,” host Jason Handman asked me if there is a common reason that makes people hesitant to bring a claim. My answer is YES.

In my career as a personal injury lawyer for Cleveland, Ohio, I often meet potential clients who could bring a claim but are afraid to because they think it will negatively affect their medical care. Actually, the opposite is true.

In addition to refuting this common misconception, I list several more reasons to sue for medical malpractice claim. Many times it is the right thing to do.

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Jason Handman: Good morning, welcome to another edition of Getting Legal with Tim Misny. Tim, we’re back at the Diner on 55th.


Tim: 55th and St. Claire.


Jason: The coffee is phenomenal.


Tim: And the service is even better, man.


Jason: Now, let’s talk about the last three decades. For 32 years you’ve had great success with birth injury, catastrophic injury, medical malpractice cases. Some of these cases, you know, some people may be hesitant about contacting you to bring a case. Why is that?


Tim: Oftentimes people think that if they were to pursue a claim against a medical professional resulting in some kind of medical malpractice case or birth injury case that that could negatively impact on the medical care that they’ll be receiving. And truth be told, Jason, it has just the opposite effect.


Jason: Why is that?


Tim: Think about it. If a doctor knows that my office is in the process of reviewing medical records, they are going to treat that person even better. They’re going to make sure that a the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed.


Jason: OK. So how do you accomplish that?


Tim: Well, we accomplish – when a client has that hesitancy I tell them precisely that. But moreover, the real reason, but a very compelling reason that I tell the client, the potential client, is that it’s very important to pursue a claim because the tragedy that befell their family will happen again unless we bring a claim and change policy. So there’s a real moral, social obligation to pursue a claim.


Jason: So this is essentially just bigger than just worrying about yourself, this is affecting potentially other people down the line.


Tim: A lot more people down the line. I can’t tell you how many cases over the last three decades, that we were able to change policy actually, literally change policy where the hospital acknowledged the problem and completely overhauled their protocol and subsequently there has never been a problem. That’s my hope. To change policy to make sure that those people are held accountable and those tragedies never happen again.


Jason: All right, how can people get a hold of you?


Tim: It’s really simple. 1-800-55-MISNY or visit my website


Jason: All right, thanks so much.


Tim: Jason, thank you.

Hesitant to Bring Malpractice Lawsuit?
Hesitant to Bring Malpractice Lawsuit?

Understand why it is in your best interest to bring a claim of medical malpractice against a hospital or physician Contrary to what people think, a medical malpractice claim against your doctor or hospital will improve your overall medical care.

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