Tonsillectomies are standard procedures that many Americans undergo throughout the year. A tonsillectomy consists of the removal or partial removal of the tonsils in the throat. Although they are common procedures not every person has a pleasant experience. There are risks to every procedure and people should be made aware of those risks and understand them beforehand.

Reasons for a Tonsillectomy

  • Repeating cases of tonsillitis
  • Constant infections of the ear
  • Sores in the tonsil area of the throat
  • Sleep apnea

In some cases of a tonsillectomy they remove partial or some of the tonsils still leaving behind tissue. This can be a problem if it regenerates and becomes infected again, that is why most doctors choose to remove all the tonsils at once.

When it comes to the risks of getting your tonsils remove they are very low, but you still undergo anesthesia depending on the health of each patient. Bleeding, or hemorrhaging, can also occur during, or after, a tonsillectomy. In rare cases there may be a need for a stitching to close the open wounds but in most cases, they seal themselves, so bleeding is normal. Bleeding can occur not only during the tonsillectomy but after the procedure is completed. If a bleed is severe enough it can require a transfusion from a donor. This is only in extremely rare cases where blood vessels are ruptured enough to cause severe bleeding resulting in severe injury or death.

Before a tonsillectomy it is important to discuss with your doctor exactly what he or she is going to do. You should always ask questions before hand and ensure your doctor that you don’t understand something, and have them explain. Chances are if something doesn’t sound or feel right, it probably isn’t.

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