Fitness Centers and gyms can be the site for injuries that are entirely preventable. The American College of Sports Medicine has developed a set of standards for fitness center employees to follow. Gyms and sports clubs should adhere to these standards to prevent illness, injury, or death.

Here is a brief overview of types of preventable injuries in a fitness center and what staff can look out for to prevent it.

  • Type of Workout: Fitness enthusiasts should develop a safe workout routine to avoid over-strain or over-use of muscles. For example, staff should pay attention to whether someone is lifting too much weight or for too long of a period of time. Overworking one’s body is one of the most common cause of injury at a fitness center. Trainers should be able to guide those being trained to safe and effective work outs.
  • Equipment: Trainers should make sure the equipment is being used properly by fitness center patrons. Misuse of gym equipment, and faulty equipment is also a common cause of injury at fitness centers. The management team at gyms and sports club should also schedule routine maintenance for fitness equipment to avoid injuries.
  • Emergency Training: Reputable fitness centers, gyms and sports clubs should have an Emergency Action Plan in place in the event of a severe injury. Training should be provided to staff so they can properly respond to catastrophic injuries suffered by gym members. The American College of Sports Medicine includes emergency training for fitness center staff as part of their standards practices.

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Fitness Center Injury Prevention
The American College of Sports Medicine has a standard of practice for fitness centers and its staff. These standards are important for reducing the occurrence of preventable injuries at gyms.