Part of my job, each and every day, is to talk to people who have been involved in car accidents.

Oftentimes, when I ask about medical care, injured victims will tell me they visited an emergency room, but rarely do they have plans to seek follow-up care.

This is most disturbing to me because immediately after an accident it is of the utmost importance to seek out proper medical care. An emergency room visit should simply be the first step in the process.

Medical Malpractice

Depending upon the nature of my client’s injuries, I oftentimes recommend that they seek follow-up care with a wide variety of medical specialists, such as orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, neurologists, and/or psychiatrists to name a few.

In each and every case, I have two goals in representing my client. First and foremost, I want them to get the very best medical care, so that their injury may be properly diagnosed and treated. My second goal is to get them the kind of compensation that will adequately provide for their lost wages, medical bills, and future pain and suffering.

In order to accomplish both of these goals, my clients need to establish proper medical care IMMEDIATELY. With each passing day, it makes it more difficult for me, as an advocate, to attribute their injuries to the accident.

Suffice it to say, an emergency room visit is not only appropriate, but necessary. However, it is not nearly enough.

Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one are ever a victim of medical malpractice, birth injury, or catastrophic injury you need to call me immediately at 1 (800) 55 – MISNY. We will sit down and discuss, in detail, your medical condition and work together to get you the very best medical treatment. You deserve nothing less.

Not only will you and/or your loved one meet with me personally, but if I do agree to take your case, you will receive my personal direct dial cell phone number. The reason being that my client’s needs and concerns to do not conveniently fall into nine to five parameters.

As a personal injury lawyer, I ensure that my client’s medical treatment is constantly monitored, so that they will remain on track for a full recovery.

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ER Visit Not Enough: Why You Need Follow-Up Care After a Car Accident
Tim Misny, a top Ohio car accident lawyer, addresses the steps you need to take immediately after a car accident to ensure you are properly covered both medically and financially.
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