The saying goes “people die every day”, but what if the cause of these deaths can be prevented?

In the State of Ohio this year 2018 so far there have been over 115 fatalities just from drunk driving alone. That is 100’s of people who lost their lives because of choosing to drive while under the influence of alcohol and killed themselves, a passenger, another driver, or an innocent person who was driving and was struck by a drunk driver. It is heart breaking to think that each one of these deaths could have been prevented if “the drivers” the people that chose to get behind the wheel and drive drunk, would have said no. If the drunk drivers that killed other people or themselves, would have just called for a ride home. If the drunk drivers would have stopped themselves from even taking one drink, knowing they were going to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Seeing A Drunk Driver

If you see a driver who is drunk please do not hesitate to call 911 and report it. You could save someone’s life. If you see something say something.

People that are killed in drunk driving accidents are only going to increase if nothing is done about it.

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