Why You Shouldn’t Discuss Your Case on Social Media

It seems as though everything is shared on social media these days. People post photos of their pets and their gardens. They update their status to include information about their work days and the music they listen to. This information is fine to share, but there’s one thing that should never be shared on social media – information about your case or any lawsuit you’re involved with. Doing so can have a negative effect on its outcome and your future.

Some Details Should Remain Private

Any information that pertains to a civil suit or criminal case you’re involved in should be kept off of social media. You shouldn’t even post about when or where your trial will be. Although you may think that it’s fine to share these details, it is not. You might have enemies out there who send letters to the prosecutor. You could share information that makes you seem guilty or negligent. Even if you did not commit the crime and are the victim, you don’t want to post this information in any type of public location, no matter how many privacy settings you have in place.

Social Media is Never as Private as You Believe

Don’t let those privacy settings fool you. Even if you have your Facebook account on lockdown and only allow your friends to see your posts, you never know who they might be reporting to. Your Twitter and Instagram accounts aren’t nearly as private as you think they are. All it takes to get through the encryption is one person – one legitimate friend or follower – who is looking at your details for all of the wrong reasons. Plus, it’s always possible that a hacker may gain control of your account and leak your case information.

The Defense Might Use it Against You

Any case details shared on social media may fall into the hands of the other party’s defense team, who might use it against you. They won’t hesitate to use anything they find, from potentially damaging pictures or even your own words, to win the case for their client. You don’t want to lose your case just because you posted something about it on social media, so refrain from sharing any of the details – even after your case is closed.

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