Dog bite injuries are becoming an epidemic in Northeastern Ohio. These injuries are attributed to dogs that have been abused or bred to be vicious. When the owners let the dogs out without taking the proper precautions, the animals attack others, causing bodily harm.

Recent News Stories About Vicious Dogs

In one recent example, a neighborhood remains terrorized by a resident who owns vicious dogs. Despite multiple complaints to the city, nothing has been done about the dogs. The owner simply posted a warning sign on their door. The dogs have attacked multiple neighbors, but there has been no recourse.

Dog Bite Injuries are More Than Physical

Dog bites are physical injuries. An attack can result in broken bones, skin tears, bruising, and contusions. The wound can become infected and if it is bad enough, a limb may have to be amputated. On top of the physical wounds, there are numerous psychological effects as well. It is not uncommon for people to have a crippling fear of dogs after suffering a dog bite injury. Plus, lost wages, medical bills, and other financial consequences can occur while getting properly treated for that dog bite. All of this happens because an owner failed to control their vicious dog(s).

Who Is Responsible for Dog Bite Injuries?

The responsibility for dog bite injuries falls on two parties. The first is the owner, who must place signs on their house and keep the dog in an appropriate cage when they cannot directly supervise it. When they choose to take the vicious dog outside, it must be on a leash with a muzzle in order to protect the people around it. If these actions aren’t taken, then the owner is responsible for any injuries that the dog may cause.

In addition, the city in which the dog and its owner live is responsible as well. It is the city’s job to keep its residents safe. When a vicious dog is not controlled to the point that it attacks neighbors, the city is not doing its job. They need to take action against the dog owner.

Ohio Laws Cover Dog Bite Injuries

According to Ohio law, the owner is the person liable for their dog’s actions. If you or a loved one were bitten by a vicious dog, regardless of whether or not that dog has acted similarly in the past, then the owner is the primary liable party. You need to call me right now and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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