A new game released just over two weeks ago in the United States and is already presenting a problem for motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians and local police.

Pokémon Go is a new mobile app designed for users to “catch” Pokémon characters based on their geographic location. GPS is activated so that users can follow and catch these Pokémon in real-time, but it is presenting a multitude of problems on all levels.

There have been three reported car accidents since the game has launched, two incidents were drivers distracted by the game and one involving a pedestrian distracted by the app.

How will local authorities deal with injuries caused by this new smartphone game?

As I have stated in a previous post, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents among teenagers. In addition to texting, radio adjustments, eating and many other distractions, Pokémon Go could potentially become one of the top distractions if no action is taken to deter this game.

In the state of Ohio, cell phone use is a primary offense for drivers under 18.

This means police can pull over a driver under the age of 18 simply for using their cell phone while operating a vehicle.

For these drivers, it may be easier to stop them from using Pokémon Go while driving, but what about drivers 18 or older?

Drivers 18 years old and older are subject to secondary offenses, meaning they cannot be pulled over simply for texting while driving but must have some other offense such as speeding, no seat belt, no turn signal, etc.

The best way for authorities to curb the use in this age group is to continue issuing statements and statistics on the dangers of this game.

Distracted driving is dangerous—there have been 582 car accident fatalities in Ohio as of today!

Do not add to that number because of a game; drive safely and put the phones away!

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Distracted Driving’s Newest Suspect: Pokémon Go
Technology is ever-changing and presents new challenges for drivers and police each day. A new smartphone app was launched early July 2016 and has, in a short amount of time, resulted in several serious car/pedestrian accidents in the U.S. This new game is called Pokemon Go. As the incidents climb, I urge drivers to avoid using this game behind the wheel.
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