When we think of delayed diagnosis, we usually attribute it to a healthcare professional that failed to listen to a patient or identify clear signs of a condition in a timely manner. Sadly, patients have had healthcare professionals completely fail to diagnose an issue which resulted in further complications and in some cases death. For others, our healthcare system itself, namely the big business insurance companies, have been a contributing factor in a delayed or missed diagnosis.

Past Vs. Present

Currently the healthcare system is run by insurance companies who tell us which physician we can or cannot see and in many instances when we can see them! Rewind a few decades and insurance companies did not even have a seat on the bench, much less run the entire game.

This systematic change has corporate executives and actuaries deciding what is best for a patient. Physicians and patients alike are handcuffed by the system which can result in tragic consequences.

Delayed Diagnosis with Nowhere to Turn

Today, we the patients no longer dictate what is best for ourselves and our families. Advocating for health can become an uphill battle, and in many cases we lose the war. A delayed diagnosis as a result of this convoluted process is not only unacceptable, it can mean the difference between life or death.

Standing up against the medical and insurance giants can be intimidating. My clients understand I have years of medical malpractice experience, a network of experts, the financial means to go against the biggest companies and an unwavering commitment to them.  I am not intimidated!

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Delayed Diagnosis: The Structure of Our Healthcare System
Imagine you are very ill and need to see a doctor. Your insurance company likely tells you what doctor you can see. They may even deny a specialist, even when it is warranted. Furthermore, they may deny necessary tests that may uncover what is wrong or how you should be treated. All of these situations can lead to a delayed diagnosis and in some cases, catastrophic consequences.
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