Driving is also one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. Statistics show that in 2013, there were 1.25 million road traffic deaths across the world. Driving requires a lot of focus and as well as cognitive function. It is proven that one cannot multitask while behind the wheel of a vehicle and is a risk anyone takes when turning their attention away from driving.

Distracted driving plays the biggest factor in road accidents every year. Texting, talking on the phone, or scrolling through social media are all types of dangers while driving. Many safety laws have been imposed over the years to try and improve road safety. This goes as far back as 1020 when deaf drivers were banned from operating a vehicle. Today the law is different and deaf drivers are allowed just like everyone else who qualifies to be proven eligible to operate a motor vehicle. Although there are deaf drivers on the road we must be aware of hypothetical and dangerous situations.

Driving is mostly a visual task but many concerns would be if the driver is able to hear a horn honking or an ambulance/police siren coming from the distance. There might be some instances that happen on the road that deaf drivers may cause by missing a visual and hearing. Sometimes hearing may save you from an accident if you are not visually paying attention. Train tracks could also be a hazard if the lights malfunction whether the person will see the train coming if they cannot hear it. These types of things put deaf drivers at a higher risk for an accident. There have been only a few studies over the years to answer whether the ability to hear is necessary to operate a vehicle.

This is a controversy that is still being explored whether there is more accidents with deaf drivers among both men and women. The Americans with Disabilities Act affords the same rights to deaf drivers as non-deaf drivers. No one should be discriminated against and I believe everyone should have the same opportunities in life unless it is a concern for the safety of you as well as others.

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