Dangers Of Surgery Centers

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The Dangers Of Surgery Centers

New information currently released by CBS this morning informed us about the dangers of surgery centers and what has lead to multiple deaths across the United States. The centers are non-hospital facilities that perform major surgeries and have killed over 260 people since 2013. Although these centers might be cheaper and perform daily routine surgeries like a hospital, it does not mean they are always safer and that everyone should utilize them.

Two parents who lost their 10-year old son during a routine tonsillectomy in 2016 due to a medical mishap, have led the charge in investigation of these facilities.

It was discovered that there are over FIVE thousand surgery centers in 2018.  In fact, there are more surgery centers then there are medical hospitals. This makes it more convenient for patients to get surgery done because of a cheaper price.


  • Colonoscopies
  • Tonsillectomy’s
  • Complex Spine Surgery

Although many of these types of surgeries performed in these centers do go as planned, there are patients with preexisting conditions that are not fit to be operated on, but still are. The centers claim that they are not responsible for any death that may result from these surgeries and have not been held liable. I encourage everyone to go an established medical hospital when seeking medical attention due to the responsibility of the trained professionals at facilities. Don’t spend less money to take a chance with your life.

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