Self Driving Cars – A Threat to You!

It was never not meant to happen. Change is inevitable and it will not be stopped. The world is changing and with the way new technology and advancements have been advancing, a new form of transportation is here. It is something most people have feared for years and a change that frankly, puts a lot of people just like you at risk. Self-Driving Cars.

The Future is Now: Self Driving Cars

A car company called Tesla recently released a new model of their self-driving vehicle where the driver doesn’t even have to be inside the car for it to operate. This new car is equipped with multiple cameras and sensors to create a virtual 3D map around the car. This makes the car aware of all surroundings and gives the ability to sense items the distance as small as a centimeter away.

With it’s driving and autopilot functions, the driver of the vehicle does not even have to touch the steering wheel, let alone be in the moving vehicle. The car knows every street as well as every turn it takes. Unfortunately, as with all technology, there is always one fault or malfunction. The U.S. Federal government guidance released a statement saying, “States should consider how to allocate liability among [autonomous vehicle] owners, operators, passengers, manufacturers and others when a crash occurs,”.  This leaves it up to the states to decide who is at fault for a injury or death during a self-driving automobile accident. Michigan passed a law that states a company or manufacturer is responsible for the crash and will be held liable. What about the other states? Who will be at fault and held responsible for their actions?

I’m sure there are many accident cases out there, and it frightens me that many more will occur do to this new vehicle release. It may seem like a cool new thing on the market but it puts many in danger and at risk on the roadway.

Someone must be held accountable for the horrible tragedies that come from these crashes. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in an automobile accident due to another driver’s negligence, contact my office immediately. As your Ohio car accident attorney, I’ll be there for you, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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