An Estimated 15% of Women With Pelvic Injuries Never Heal Properly

For my clients who have suffered a preventable pelvic injury during childbirth, or have not been provided adequate treatment following a pelvic injury, the road to recovery can be long.  In some cases the injury can be permanent. With as many as 15% of pelvic injuries estimated to be permanent, this translates to thousands of mothers each year whose painful injuries will never heal.

Injuries to the pelvic area from childbirth can include; fractures, tears, organ and bladder prolapse, excessive fluid, and more. These painful injuries are commonly dismissed by medical professionals as being a normal part of the recovery process, but for some – this is a permanent battle. I always tell my clients to trust what their body is telling them, and to demand more from their medical providers. If you or someone you love suffered a pelvic injury following the birth of a cild, contact my me today.

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Childbirth - Painful Pelvic Injuries
Childbirth is difficult, Raising children is difficult. Now consider how hard it is for mothers who suffer a preventable pelvic injury during childbirth. In many instances recovery can take months or years; sometimes recovery never occurs and moms are left permanently injured. These women have the right to be justly compensated for ongoing medical care and more!
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