Regrettably, another news headline sweeping Northeast Ohio is only touching the surface of a family left to grieve and pick up the pieces following a catastrophic workplace injury. In this incident, a variety of factors led to the unthinkable –  a 10-foot trench collapsed onto a worker while he was performing repairs.

The Long Road of Catastrophic Injury

After the initial news, any individual would be expected to be emotionally and mentally drained. As an attorney, I see time and time again that victims and their families simply do not know where to turn. This particular case could involve a variety of liabilities, including improper safety reinforcements per the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as well as potential neglect on the part of the excavation company working at the scene.

Long after the headlines fade, loved ones are left to pick up the pieces and try to make sense of a senseless tragedy. After all, I know when I go to work each and every day I have the expectation of safety, as I am sure you do as well! Whether it was neglect or otherwise, the responsible parties have taken a man’s life and caused a lifetime of irreversible pain for the family.

As a catastrophic injury attorney, I specialize in workplace fatalities to gain families like yours the compensation they deserve.

As an experience catastrophic injury lawyer, I can advise and guide loved ones through the confusing and intimidating legal process. Catastrophic injuries that lead to death can leave behind a lifetime of expenses. Final arrangements, medical bills, potential future earnings and pain and suffering can all be taken into consideration during legal proceedings to fight for the justice that is so deserved.

As your Ohio catastrophic injury lawyer,  I’ll be there for you, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®
Author: Tim Misny | For over four decades, personal injury lawyer Tim Misny has represented the injured victim in birth injury, medical malpractice, and catastrophic injury/wrongful death cases, serving “ClevelandAkron/CantonColumbusDayton and neighboring communities.” You can reach Tim by email at or call at 1 (877) 944-4373.
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Catastrophic Work Injury
No one expects a loved one to lose their life at work but workplace accidents happen all too often. Some injuries or deaths are caused by a victim's carelessness, however in many instances the catastrophic event was due to someone else's negligence. To have any chance of recovering substantial compensation, It is essential to contact an attorney who specializes in catastrophic injury cases.