In 2013, the state of Ohio gave the green light to increase the speed limit on interstate highways from 65 to 70 mph. Since this decision, there has been a 23% increase in drivers ticketed for excessive speeds of 100 mph or more. The correlation between these two factors is resulting in some serious consequences.

Last year there were 1,094 Ohio traffic accident fatalities; high speed was involved in one-third of the deaths.

This recent statistic is not only unsettling but it also proves one major point: one third of these fatalities could have been prevented!

Many drivers will go at least 5 mph over the legal speed limit, but what happens when that legal limit is already at 70 mph?

As drivers adjust to these new speed limits, here are several tips that may help prevent high speed accidents:

  • Slow down! Keep within the legal speed limit.
  • Only use the fast lane to pass another vehicle; do not ride the highway in the fast lane.
  • Use the slow lane if you are uncomfortable with high traffic speeds.
  • If you are driving in poor weather conditions, always use the slow lane.
  • If weather conditions cause low visibility on the road, use the slow lane and turn on your hazards.
  • Move over for drivers exceeding the speed limit.
  • Always use your turn signal!

In the same year Ohio increased interstate highway speed limits to 70 mph, state troopers wrote 597,933 speeding tickets.

Every time a person exceeds the speed limit, they not only put themselves at risk but they put the health and safety of other drivers in harm’s way. Don’t risk the lives of others! Slow down and drive with care.

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Car Accident Fatalities on the Rise Due to Excessive Speed
Since the state of Ohio raised the legal speed limit on interstate highways, there has been an increase in speeding tickets. In the past year, there were over a thousand fatalities and a third of those were caused by excessive speed! Don't put yourself or others in harm's way and slow down. If you or a family member was injured due to a negligent driver, call me today for your free consultation.
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