As a working class citizen, one might presume that they cannot afford the expenses that follow filing a lawsuit for an accident.

As a personal injury lawyer for 33 years, I work for the injured victim on a contingency basis, where I only get paid if I get my client a recovery.

The first order of business is that my client gets the best medical care possible. My goal is to get you back where you were before the accident. It is important that we get the right doctors to lay the proper foundation for a successful recovery. I will make sure that you get the best doctors, who I would send my family to if they were ever in an accident.

My second goal in a case is to get my client fair compensation. If I choose to take your case, I will meet with you face to face at a time that is most convenient for you. You will get my direct dial cell phone number, because oftentimes, the needs of my client do not fall in the nine to five confines.

Remember, if someone has hurt you or your family, please call me at 1-800-55-MISNY, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®.

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Can I Afford a Lawyer?
Can I Afford a Lawyer?

In this episode of Getting Legal with Tim Misny, Tim explains how contingency-based lawsuits work. Tim works on a contingency basis which means he gets paid only if a client receives monetary compensation fore their injuries. All case related fees are paid by Tim Misny and refunded to him upon successful case resolution.

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