Brain Surgery on Wrong Patient

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Brain Surgery on the Wrong Patient

Every day hundreds of patients go in and out of hospitals to get treatment they need, and every day patients go in for surgeries commonly preformed thousands of times on different people. However, what happens when someone goes in for a surgery and the doctors mistake them for someone else?

After a brain surgery was done on the wrong person, an associate at a Kenyan hospital is being victimized and blamed for the surgery, rather than the hospital taking blame for their systematic failures and wrong labeling. This certain hospital has had hundreds of medical professionals walk off the job after demanding change in the way the hospital is ran.

On Monday, the Daily newspaper said 700 workers left the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi claiming unfair treatment of the staff. People are claiming the only person being punished for the surgery is the one who supervised it, instead of the hospital being at fault. Due to the strike, the person who performed the surgery, several junior members of the surgery team including the staff who mixed up the labels and a couple administrators have all been suspended and it is under further investigation.

Although the hospital has said that both patients are fine and okay with what has happened, but the strikers are still outraged and continue to share their voice and have taken upon social media platforms to get the word across.

How refreshing it is to see a hospital policing itself, if there was more of that in the United States, then 250,000 people would not die each year as a result of medical errors, etc. I think this should be heard and mistakes like that should never happen, especially in the medical field.

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