Some of us want nothing more in life than to be a parent; the thought of being a mom or a dad fills your heart with unmatched joy, and when you finally conceive, your excitement can be overwhelming. Tragically, even if momma is careful throughout her entire pregnancy, unexpected and horrible things can still happen at no fault of her own.

Birth injuries affect nearly 30,000 innocent children every year. That’s 3 babies every single hour, or over 75 per day. Up to 8 live births per 1,000 results in a birth injury. If you ask me, that’s 8 injuries too many. Even more heartbreaking, over half of them could have been entirely prevented had the medical team overseeing the pregnancy and delivery been more careful and vigilant.

Birth injuries can lead to profound disabilities in the child, permanently altering their lives. Not only are their lives forever changed, as parents, so are yours. Instead of seeing the life that you anticipated unfold in front of you, your precious child is going to need extra care from you due to their disabilities.

Common disabilities that can arise from birth injury may include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis
  • Oxygen deprivation

No hospitals are free from blame or responsibility; both private and public hospitals can be quite hazardous to your child, with 4.33 to 5.08 injuries per 1,000 births for a private hospital, and 6.11 for a public hospital. Both small and large hospitals can be equally dangerous at 5.53 and 5.45, respectively.

As loving parents, you’ll do everything you can to help you can to help your child have the highest quality of life after their birth injury, but please don’t try to do this alone. I want to help you get the financial restitution you need for your child’s injury, so please give me a call right now at 1 (877) 944-4373 for your free initial consultation. I take on Big Cases with Big Results, and I’m ready to represent you.

I can only imagine how devastating it must be for you to have a child who has been harmed by your doctor. As your lawyer, you’ll have access to my personal cell phone number. I want you to feel free to reach out to me 24/7 if you need someone to talk to, or if you want to discuss your case. Pleased don’t feel like you have to drive halfway across the state to find me, either. I’ll meet you in your home, at a restaurant, wherever works best for you.

I have nearly 40 years of experience representing families like yours who are suffering from the grief and shock of an unexpected birth injury, and I take on Big Cases with Big Results. If your child has been harmed by negligent medical staff, I’ll help you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering – and I’ll Make Them Pay!®


DISCLAIMER “Please understand the slogan, I’ll Make Them Pay!® is not a guarantee of payment. Both liability and real damages must be proven with a preponderance of the evidence.”
Birth Injuries