Asbestos in Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

Baby powder is supposed to be safe enough to sprinkle on an infant’s skin.  Consumers should be able to trust that large, well-known brands are selling safe products. Both of these statements proved to be problematic in the Johnson & Johnson baby powder asbestos case. It began decades ago when Darlene Coker was on the brink of death, having been diagnosed with mesothelioma – a type of lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. The only possible culprit at the time was Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder. Sadly, the Coker case was dropped, but here we are decades later and people are still dying as a result of using Johnson & Johnson’s asbestos-laced baby powder.

New Documents Show the Truth

Back in 1999, Darlene Coker didn’t have much of a chance. The Johnson & Johnson company had deep pockets and powerful lawyers. They were also hiding a big secret – since the 1950s, Johnson & Johnson knew their product contained asbestos and did nothing about it. As it turns out, mined talc, which is what the product contained for decades, is found in the earth alongside asbestos. This means that for decades the same powder that people trusted enough to put on their baby’s skin, contained a carcinogenic substance. The company not only didn’t do anything about their lab findings, but they sat on this information for decades.

Cancer-Causing Asbestos is Linked to Talcum Powder

According to the documents that have been recently unsealed, lab tests through the decades showed that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder contained trace amounts of asbestos. Even trace amounts of asbestos are enough to cause cancer. Exposure to asbestos has been linked to everything from lung cancer (mesothelioma) to ovarian cancer.

Although Coker’s lawsuit was dropped, her lawyers were able to obtain valuable information from Johnson & Johnson which has helped victims today, decades later. Since the explosive information about Johnson & Johnson’s cancer-causing baby powder was exposed, several plaintiffs have won large financial settlements for their pain and suffering due to their cancer diagnosis. Although Darlene Corker was unable to bring down Johnson & Johnson 20 years ago, she has played a vital role in helping victims today.  Her legacy remains strong every time a victim is fairly compensated since their lives are forever changed as a result of the willful negligence of Johnson & Johnson.

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