“Keepsake ultrasounds” have become more and more popular in recent years despite the FDA warning against them; “Keepsake ultrasounds” are ultrasounds taken in a non-medical setting and used for non-medical purposes.  These ultrasounds promise to offer a more detailed look at the fetus. Packages usually include a set number of 3-D ultrasound images, and video set to music.  The cost for a keepsake ultrasound is roughly $200.00.

In a medical setting, an ultrasound is an incredible diagnostic tool and considered quite safe. Nevertheless an ultrasound will heat up tissue around the fetus and can produce small bubbles on that tissue. Long term adverse effects of excessive heating of the tissue are currently unknown.

The FDA took a firm stance on “keepsake ultrasounds” when it found these ultrasounds were performed in non-healthcare settings, and were not monitored by healthcare professionals.

Companies looking to make a profit are not acknowledging the dangers associated with this practice. The number of ultrasounds given and the duration of the ultrasounds, are uncontrolled, which could be increasing potential health risks to mother and baby.

Until the long-term effects of this practice are determined, those interested in “keepsake ultrasounds” should be wary. An ultrasound is an valuable medical tool when it is used to monitor the health of your unborn baby; but used incorrectly, they could be very dangerous.

The FDA guidelines state that an ultrasound should not be used for any of the following reasons:

  • Non-medical reason for a picture of your fetus
  • Specifically to learn the sex of your baby
  • For commercial reasons

FDA guidelines only regulate ultrasound machines, not their technicians. It is up to individual states to determine who is qualified to perform ultrasounds. In Ohio, ultrasounds performed for non-medical reasons are legal. That is why it is important for you to protect your own health and the health of your unborn baby by refusing non-medical ultrasounds.

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This page contains important information regarding non medical ultrasounds and the potential risks to unborn babies. Is the potential risk of a birth injury worth a memento? No one knows the actual dangers associated with unnecessary ultrasounds; there may not be any risk that we are aware of today, but only time will tell. Enjoy the pictures of your beautiful healthy newborn instead.
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